Incoming Internship programms



Clinical Practice - Nursing Fundamentals (12 ECTS | 1st semester | Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese)  


  • Discuss the nature, epidemiology, preventive strategies and the role of nurses in the prevention, diagnosis and control of infections associated with healthcare.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior in simulated practice classes.
  • Awareness of the different roles, responsibilities and functions of nurses.
  • Ability to undertake comprehensive and systematic assessments using different data collection strategies, taking into account relevant physical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual and environmental factors.
  • Supporting clinical decision-making in the field of self-care and taking charge of and ensuring the quality standards of general care nurses and evidence-based practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to inform, train and supervise the person with changes in self-care, aiming at the maximum potential for autonomy.
  • Substantiate the reasons for decision-making regarding the care of the person with alterations in a bodily process or activity.
  • File skills that allow decision-making and problem solving in the domain of the individual's bodily processes.

Clinical Practice - Medical and Surgical Nursing (23 ECTS | 2nd semester | Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese)


  • Knowing and respecting the Code of Ethics for nurses;
  • Demonstrate communication and relational skills with people and significant others;
  • Integrate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and emancipatory knowledge;
  • Understand the health/disease transition process of the person/significant other in a medical-surgical context;
  • Develop the medical-surgical patient's maximum potential for autonomy;
  • Preparing and administering pharmacological therapy;
  • Implements autonomous and interdependent nursing interventions in the person in a medical-surgical context;
  • Develops the nursing process using the ICNP® ontology;
  • Enables the person with medical-surgical conditions to return home;
  • Demonstrates ability to integrate into the multidisciplinary team;
  • Demonstrates ability to transmit information relevant to the continuity of care

Clinical Practice –Community and Family Nursing (17 ECTS – 1 semester | Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese)


  • Understand the role of the family and public/community health nurse, in the context of multidisciplinary teams of Health Center Groupings;
  • Apply assessment instruments, plan, intervene and evaluate nursing care, in a collaborative perspective with the person, family, groups and community, based on scientific principles and compliance with the ethical and deontological code (MDAIF, Health Beliefs Model, Behavioral Change Model, Precede/Proceed Model);
  • Develop skills for self-management of health/disease processes, with the person, family and community, throughout the life cycle of each stakeholder;
  • Develop health literacy and citizenship through formal and informal health education, individually or in groups;
  • Document important data related to nursing care provided to the individual, family or community (SClinic, SIMA - Screenings);
  • Integrate community intervention projects.

Clinical Practice – Integration into Professional Life (30 ECTS - 2 semester | Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese)


  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and emancipatory knowledge;
  • Provide nursing care to the person, family and community, at the three levels of prevention, integrated into a multidisciplinary nursing team, based on the skills of general care nurses and the quality standards of nursing care established by the Order of Nurses;
  • Demonstrate professional autonomy that allows a progressive integration into professional life;
  • Conceptualizes nursing care based on the scientific methodology of the Nursing Process;
  • Develops general care nurse skills in accordance with the documents that support Nursing as a profession and discipline of knowledge, in accordance with the clinical context in which it is integrated;
  • Acts in accordance with the fundamentals of providing and managing care;
  • Contributes to health promotion.


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