Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) provides students with the opportunity to interact with international peers. COIL projects usually involve the codevelopment of an activity by two or more instructors from different countries and students from different lingua-cultural backgrounds to communicate and collaborate online.

COIL Description Partnership and students involved Date Photo Evidence/Dissemination
Collaborative On-line International Learning - Saúde Global e Bem-Estar (Global Health and Well-being) 


Given the possibilities of internationalization of higher education in the scientific area of nursing, and resulting from national and international guidelines for diversification of teaching methodologies, the opportunity for development of a COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning), which allows you to integrate a broad group of students and teachers from different cultural backgrounds, in a collaborative process of international learning. In this particular case, COIL will focus on the communication process, as a basic instrument of nursing, making students and teachers analyze and reflect on the conceptual basis from communication to its effective and efficient use.

Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) and ESSNorteCVP (103 students and 8 staff members from the HEI)

 Collaborative On-line International Learning - Health4ALL The expanding possibilities and opportunities that ICT bring us nowadays can support HEI to develop Collaborative Online International Learning - COIL programs to meet expectations of the health educational to include international and intercultural competencies in their curriculum. Today communities require nurse’s awareness to a global setting, in which HEI need to facilitate learning activities to engage and develop competencies to face the world health challenges.  ESSNorteCVP, Universitat de VIC and HAN University of Applied Sciences   2023